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Tapping Pro
A portable and convenient handheld massager to carry and use anywhere you goThe Tapping Pro...
Three height variations to suit individual figuresEnergy-saving designCompact and lightweightBurns caloriesIncreases blood circulationReshapes the back,...
Vitality Step
High-intensity vibration trainer with moving platform. Unlike other vibration machines that only vibrate, the vibration...
Body Vibration Plus
Boost the effects of each workout with vibration training.By stimulating your blood circulation, this machine...
Step & Twist Deluxe
Stepper combining aerobic exercise with a twisting motion Get a complete cardio workout while you...
Swing Master
Chi Machine with a padded ankle cradle and variable-speed control. Its swinging motion improves blood...
CHI Swing
The Chi Swing is a basic massager for lower back relaxation and passive exercise. Designed...
Stertch Mate
Simple back stretching apparatus for improving posture, increasing flexibility, and relieving painExperience a muscle-relaxing stretch...
Sleep Eze Cool
Cooling gel technology designed to cool and regulate your body temperatureKeeps your neck, shoulders, and...