Rishiri Kombu Color Shampoo 200ml

Rishiri Kombu Color Shampoo 200ml

Now dye your hair with shampoo! You can now wash + dye with only 1 bottle!Rishiri color shampoo [for gray hair]...
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Now dye your hair with shampoo! You can now wash + dye with only 1 bottle!

Rishiri color shampoo [for gray hair] with a new concept of "washing" + "dying" with shampoo. Just by replacing your usual shampoo with Rishiri Color Shampoo, your gray hair will gradually become less noticeable, which is very easy. By using it as a set with "Rishiri Color Care Conditioner" for color shampoo, the color will last longer and your hair will look even more shiny and youthful.

1. [Preparation] Color transfer may occur if shampoo or foam adheres to the bathroom during use.
Before use, wetting the bathtub, floor, walls, shower hose, etc. in the bathroom with hot or cold water will make it easier to remove the color.

2. [Take it out with wet hands! ] Just like regular shampoo, after wetting your hair, take it out with wet hands. We recommend using a large amount to improve lathering and achieve a more effective finish.
*If used with dry hands, it may stain your hands and nails. If you are doing nail art, have long nails, or are concerned about getting dirty, it may be helpful to bring gloves.

*Please shake the container slightly before use.

3. [Washing] Gently wash your entire hair with plenty of foam.
Apply color shampoo directly to your hair without adding water. Lather thoroughly and remove dirt from your hair and scalp.

4. [Rinse thoroughly] Rinse thoroughly until no colored water comes out.
*In rare cases, the towel may become discolored if the rinse is insufficient.

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