Arrival Time

* Shipping fee / Distribution / Arrival Time FAQ *

Q: What's the shipping cost?
A: Please refer to 送料についてのぺージfor more information.

Q: How long does it take to deliver?
A: In regards to back-order items from Japan, (books, magazines) it arrives to the US shipping center within 5-10 business days. After the shipment arrival, all items are securely wrapped/boxed and shipped to the customer. It will take 2-14 business days to ship. In regards to items other than books and magazines, it is usually shipped from the stocks in US, and will be shipped to customer within 2-7 business days. Please refer to __ for further details.

Q: Are the items delivered early such as those introduced on topics page and recommendations? 
A: We cannot guarantee the items are always in stock. It may take time especially for the back-up products from Japan to arrive to the center. 

Q: Why does it take long to ship?

In the case if there's a stock left in Japan, we are able to ship approximately within 5 business days to 3 weeks. However, there are possibilities of delivery delay if there is no stock available at publishing company. We will remind you by e-mail in the case if we cannot make an arrangement for the ordered items.