* Cancel FAQ *

Q: Can you cancel an order? 
A: Once we start processing customer's order, we are unable to cancel. For further information regarding subscription cancellation, please refer to our page.

Q: Do you accept returns and exchanges?
A: Generally, does not accept returns and exchanges. Please check the product name, variation, amount, and price before checkout. For information regarding returns and exchanges, please refer to

Q: The ordered items are damaged or partial items are lost. What should I do? 
A: We will take full responsibility for any items that are damaged or lost. Please let us know your order number, name, contact information, and the issue in details. We will resolve the issue quickly as possible. (In regards to magazine, there may be possibilities where we cannot order the particular issue) In this case, we will exchange with the next issue or provide you a full refund. If customers prefer returns, we will refund the shipping cost later. We will contact customers in regards to destination for refunds. 

Q: The packaging is damaged. What can I do?
A: We are doing our utmost best to package the item, but there are situations where package gets damaged during the delivery process. Please inform us via phone or e-mail if there are damages on the actual item. will resolve the issue with full responsibiliy. Furthermore, during delivery, (U.S. Postal Service), there may be possibilities where the items are heavily bent or the packaging being wet from the rain. In this case, we kindly ask all customers to contact the nearest post office.